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What causes urine leakage while coughing?

Peeing while coughing is a form of stress incontinence. It can happen to men and women and is associated with physical activity, such as running…

Ovarian cancer statistics

Knowing the statistics on ovarian cancer can help a person better understand the condition. However, it is important to remember that everyone has a different…

Does baby powder cause cancer? What to know

Baby powder manufacturers have recently faced lawsuits that their product, a type of talc, may cause ovarian cancer. Learn about the claims and research here.…

Key molecule explains why bones weaken with age

New research reveals the molecular dynamic that explains why bones become more frail as we age. The findings may improve treatments for osteoporosis. Source:

Osteoporosis increases dementia risk

In the largest study of its type, researchers conclude that osteoporosis significantly increases the risk of developing dementia. Source: