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No hoorays for Henry | Brief letters

No hoorays for Henry

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Last modified on Mon 26 Jul 2021 12.18 EDT

Re Simon Usborne on the ubiquitous Henry (Sucks to be him! How Henry the vacuum cleaner became an accidental design icon), is there anyone else out there who thinks it is the most useless, irritating domestic appliance ever?
Andrew Dean
Exeter, Devon

John Harris (To mask or not to mask? That shouldn’t be the question) observed a 70:30 ratio of masked to unmasked in Asda and 60:40 in Tesco. For me: on Saturday morning in Waitrose (Rushden Lakes) 100:0. Monday morning in Marks & Spencer (Rushden Lakes) 100:0.
John Mann
Irchester, Northamptonshire

Surely nominative determinism alone should help insomniac Emma Beddington (My deep sleep quest: I tried 11 popular insomnia cures. Do any of them actually work?), although perhaps, in the circumstances, she should show a little more faith in her weighted blanket. I do, however, have a tried-and-trusted alternative remedy, which is to lie down on the very edge of the bed – I find that I soon drop off.
Adrian Brodkin

I have been addressed as Pillow instead of Pillar (Letters), but more problematic as a child was being asked my name and where I lived. At that time, I was Claire from Clare. I look forward to hearing from Shirleys from Shirley and Beverleys from Beverley.
Claire Pillar
Silikou, Cyprus

Cop26? Surely Copout26 would be more accurate (Editorial).
David Edwards Hulme
Stockport, Greater Manchester

Source: TheGuardian