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iMedicalApps: ACGME AWARE

Burnout. It appears to be an epidemic in both physicians practicing medicine as well as those in training at the undergraduate (UME) and graduate levels (GME). Research studies demonstrate burnout rates in medical students of up to 50%, resident rates vary from 27-75%, and rates in practicing family physicians has been cited as high as 63%. There has been increasing attention for curricula and training/techniques to mitigate and treat burnout. The Accreditation Council of Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) revamped their accreditation requirements to more directly address wellness both as part of the common program requirements and at the institutional level. In fact, their most recent meeting in San Diego was entirely focused on wellness and was themed, Meaning in Medicine.

This past year, the ACGME launched their AWARE campaign to better aid programs and their trainees to improve well-being. The AWARE initiative includes a comprehensive wellness curriculum for programs and institutions to implement for trainees, an AWARE app for individual trainee/faculty use, and a series of educational podcasts on wellness topics and mitigation techniques. The curriculum, app, and podcasts focus on evidence-based cognitive behavioral therapy techniques including mindsets, cognitive distortions, building resilience, cultivating mindfulness, and labeling/disputing distortions. The app includes an educational video series then educational sections on each of the above sections including details on how to perform these evidence-based techniques and links to additional resources and references.


  • Fills a gap for an app for trainees and faculty for provider well-being
  • High-quality videos to illustrate concepts and provide mitigation strategies
  • Available for Android


  • User interface seems laggy at times
  • Navigation of app could be more efficient
  • Most references/publications not linked to PubMed, etc.

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