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Watch: Mike Pence leads coronavirus briefing as officials confirm more cases in the United States

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Vice President Mike Pence is expected to speak at a briefing Monday evening on the administration’s efforts to contain the deadly coronavirus outbreak.

His remarks come after the number of confirmed cases in the United States jumped to 91.

The virus, which was first diagnosed in December, has spread globally, with the majority of confirmed cases in China.

At least 89,000 cases have been confirmed globally, and there have been at least 3,040 deaths reported across the planet.

President Donald Trump has downplayed the outbreak repeatedly amid its growing attention, saying the virus “is very much under control.”

But U.S. health officials have sent out contradicting signals, issuing travel warnings to American citizens and urging them to wash their hands with greater frequency.

Amid growing pressure to address the coronavirus outbreak, Trump last week appointed Pence to lead the U.S. response.

Pence will be joined by Ambassador Deborah Birx, who is helping him lead the coronavirus response.

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