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Fitness tips: handy hints for BMX beginners


Find a track

In BMX racing, you’re trying to get to the finish line as quickly as you can, not do tricks. To find a track, visit

Having an audience can be intimidating, so a lot of clubs run women-only sessions. BMXercise offer fitness-based sessions for women, nationwide. All you need, is to be able to ride a bike.

Get kitted out

Most tracks will provide you with a bike, a helmet and elbow and knee pads. Dress in long sleeves and trousers to avoid injury, and be sure to wear gloves.

Find your balance

Go over jumps sitting down and you’ll end up flat on your back. First, learn how to ride while standing by practising on a track, building up confidence and speed.

Timing is everything

You have to be able to time it so that you’re going fast enough to get up the front of a jump, but not so fast that you lose control when you’re exiting. Practise fearlessness – if you fall off, you have to get back on and keep going. A lot of clubs offer coach-led classes, where you can pick up all kinds of tips.

Lesley Reynolds is a professional BMX racer.

Source: TheGuardian