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Fitness tips: indoor rowing for beginners


Improve your base fitness

A recommended way to get started would be to use the rower for a sustained period at a lower intensity. Rather than pushing too hard, the focus is on consistency in your strokes per minute, technique and breathing patterns. You can then work towards high-intensity intervals.

Have the right foot strap position

The foot strap should allow your mid-foot to flex, rather than being too tight and keeping it rigid. If the straps become loose as you row, they will prevent you from applying pressure and pressing through your feet, as you extend your legs.

Use a low air resistance

One of the most common misconceptions is that using a higher resistance setting means you are fitter, stronger or better at rowing. The way to develop power is to increase your speed over a distance. A resistance setting of between 2 and 6 is more than enough even for professional rowers.

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Source: TheGuardian