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Fitness tips: three HITT exercises for beginners


Plank Great for core stability and building overall strength. Get into a press-up position, with your back as flat as possible and shoulders and hips in line with each other. Go down on your elbows and hold for as long as you can manage, keeping your core engaged and feet close together.

Squat Targets the whole body, including quads, glutes and hamstrings. Stand with feet shoulder-width apart and push your hips backwards. Without allowing your knees to come over your toes, and keeping your chest high, drop your hips down until you get to about 90 degrees. Then return to your start position.

Mountain climber Improves core stability, cardiovascular fitness and upper-body strength. From a press-up position bring one leg up as close as you can to your chest, before repeating with the opposite leg. Do this in/out motion as fast as you can, keeping your focus on the floor. Make sure your back is flat and core tucked is in – you don’t want your stomach to drop.

Dominic Jackson, trainer at

Source: TheGuardian