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Fitness tips: three parkour moves for beginners


Rail walking To develop balance and stability, practise walking along railings of varying width. Start on railings close to the ground. Keep your feet in line with the rail and arms out to the side at shoulder height. Be precise in your movements and try to minimise wobbling. For extra difficulty, add crouches.

Step vault Approach a waist-high wall or other obstacle. Place one hand on the obstacle while you step up with the opposite leg. Bring your other leg beneath your body and over the obstacle. Be sure with your hand and foot placement, and try to be light on the obstacle as you pass over it. Don’t rush! Repeat using the other arm and leg.

Precision jump Find two points on the ground that you can jump between safely, within your maximum jump range (a raised pavement edge is a great landing spot). Push from both feet and jump to the landing spot, coming down on the balls of your feet, flexing the knees and sitting back, similar to a standard squat. Jump back to finish the drill. Repeat in sets of five.

Dan Edwardes is chief executive of Parkour Generations. As told to Emma Irving

Source: TheGuardian