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Fitness tips: three kay Shaolin moves


Push the sky
Stand comfortably. Focus on relaxing each part of your body, head to toe. Bring hands together in front of belly, loosely linking fingers. Take three deep breaths through nose. Raise arms as you inhale, until fingers point above you. Tilt head to look up at the sky. Breathe for four counts. Bring arms slowly down as you exhale. Hold for five to 10 seconds; shake arms and legs.

Mabu punches
Stand with legs about a metre apart. Squat slightly, make hands into fists and place on hips. Slowly bring elbows back towards each other so your chest puffs out. Exhale as you slowly punch right fist forwards. Hold. Inhale as you punch left fist while bringing right fist back to hip. Alternate arms for eight sets.

Tan Tui with punches
Begin in the same position as Mabu, hands on hips. Bring right hand out to the side with palm pushing forward. Twist to right while moving the fist on left hip up in a punch. At the same time, return right hand to hip in a fist. Now punch right arm out and kick the left leg simultaneously. Repeat on left.
Heng Dao is a 35th-generation Shaolin disciple

As told to Emma Irving

Source: TheGuardian