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Fitness tips: ways into football for beginners


SSE Wildcats, for girls aged 5-11
There are more than 1,250 FA-run centres across the country, where girls can try football, train and play. Weekly sessions after school and at weekends.

A football-themed workout for girls and women, Soccercise combines a variety of exercises with a football. Suitable for all fitness levels, it is designed to be an introduction to football, used as a pre-match warm-up or fitness class.

Played on a smaller pitch with only five players on a team instead of 11, this is physically challenging and designed to give players more ball time.

Walking football
Played at walking speed and on a smaller pitch, this is a new format aimed at both new players and veterans working on their fitness or recovering from injuries.

Where to start?
Visit to find football near you, or contact one of your local county FAs.

Rachel Pavlou is the FA national participation manager for women’s football.

As told to Alexandra Boulton

Source: TheGuardian