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Fitness tips: three of the best childhood games


People tend to have so much fun playing childhood games they forget they’re exercising, and push themselves harder because they want their team to win. Here are three of the best to try.

The Hunger Games

Inspired by the book and film franchise, this can be played with up to 30 players divided into three to six teams. Each team must defend their “district” and steal resources (such as cones and balls) from the other districts. It’s high-intensity training, and engages the brain.

Gladiators’ Gauntlet

A variation of dodgeball. Players are split into two teams. Attackers run through a corridor while dodging balls thrown by defenders. An attacker who reaches the end without being hit scores one point. Builds agility and upper-body strength.


Players are divided into two teams and must make passes to their teammates without the frisbee being intercepted by the opposing team. Each time a team makes five successful passes they score a point. Improves general fitness.

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Source: TheGuardian