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Fitness tips: boxing for beginners


Find your stance If you’re right-handed, your left leg and left arm should be in front (and the reverse if you’re left-handed). Find your balance so that you are able to move forward and back, and left to right without crossing over your feet.

Keep a high guard Hold both hands up around your head, with your gloves slightly apart to allow space to see. Keep your chin down and return your hands to their original position after throwing punches.

Build fitness Fitness is essential in boxing. Away from the ring, build stamina by walking and jogging until you can run three miles at a moderate pace. As you improve, increase your intensity and pace.

Learn to stay relaxed but alert Boxing requires you to be relaxed under pressure, while staying focused. Swinging wildly will waste vast amounts of energy, so focus on timing and accuracy – you want swift, precise jabs.

Keep your head moving Head movement is an essential part of boxing – you only need to move two inches to miss an opponent’s punch. Practise “slipping” punches by standing on the spot and moving your head from side to side.

Caleb Bowen is Blok gyms’ head of boxing.

Source: TheGuardian