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iMedicalApps: Best iOS Apps for Medical Providers

Every week, new medical platforms and apps are added to app stores. To save you time, we’ve sorted through them to find the most exciting new ones. Here are this week’s top picks:

Designed for physicians seeking patient referral to the transplant team, the Transplant Referrals app provides contact details for the physicians and nurse navigators at NYU Langone Transplant Institute. The Institute prides itself on being at the forefront of expertise and research in diseases of the heart, kidney, lungs, liver, and pancreas. The app categorizes providers based on organ specialty and then further delineates the providers by type of care. Users can view office phone numbers, direct lines, and fax numbers in a clean interface.

GRS, short for the Geriatric Review Syllabus, has released accompanying flashcards with its 10th edition. A core curriculum for geriatric practitioners, GRS is endorsed by the American Geriatrics Society. The app provides over 1,200 flashcards to prepare physicians for geriatric medicine certification. Topics covered include all GSM and ABIM (American Board of Internal Medicine) categories. A one-time download provides immediate access to all the content, even offline.

Nelson’s Pediatric Antimicrobial Therapy is the app version of the textbook of the same name. The recently published 25th edition has been fully updated and the app redesigned. The free download includes access to one full chapter and multiple infectious disease quiz games. Users can search, browse content, or utilize calculators for weight-based dosing. Recommendations for all infectious diseases seen in children can be found offline and efficiently. Infections are categorized by age and type of infection — for example, all newborn therapies can be viewed on the same menu. Other reference chapters include “Choosing Among Antibiotics Within a Class” and “How Antibiotic Dosages are Determined Using Susceptibility Data, Pharmacodynamics, and Treatment Outcomes.” The full guide can be downloaded for $29.99 in the App Store.

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