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Lethal Prions and Alzheimer’s; Cannabis and Dementia; Baby Brains and Autism

What separates lethal prions from Alzheimer’s-related amyloid plaques? Scientific American takes a look.

A landmark cannabis-based medicine trial will target dementia residents with symptoms of agitation or aggression, Alzheimer’s Research U.K. announced.

One-time dosing of an adeno-associated virus that encoded CRISPR showed long-term effects in a Duchenne muscular dystrophy mouse model. (Nature Medicine)

How is menopause tied to Alzheimer’s disease? Researchers weigh in. (Wall Street Journal)

Mapping brain circuits in newborns with diffusion MRI may help detect autism early, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia researchers suggested.

A neurologist with early-stage Alzheimer’s talks about the disease. (JAMA Neurology)

Higher levels of cholecystokinin, an amino acid involved in regulating appetite, were tied to lower risk of Alzheimer’s disease. (Neurobiology of Aging)

A case-control study found no link between antiepileptic drug use and dementia. (Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease)

After a third apparent spike in cases of acute flaccid myelitis in the U.S., here’s what neurologists need to know. (Lancet Neurology)


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