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Growing Trend With Men: Vasectomy Procedure Plans

Disclaimer: This post is from GomerBlog, a satirical site about healthcare.

Recently, a new trend has been spreading like wildfire throughout urology and family medicine clinics in the U.S. — Vasectomy Procedure Plans. Many men seeking sterility are taking advice from numerous pregnant women who develop extensive and thorough birth plans that spell out every last detail of their birthing experience.

GomerBlog recently interviewed Jeremy Brinkenship who was about to get a vasectomy, and he wanted it to be a magical and unforgettable experience. Jeremy is also requesting a “delayed vas clamping” which seems to be the new popular thing to do.

“Well, I got the idea from my wife who had a 3-page birth plan for our son,” stated Brinkenship. “If she can create a beautiful experience for her delivery, why can’t I for my intimate procedure? Unfortunately, her plan went all to hell, and we ended up having a crash C-section and thank goodness her anesthesiologist was able to place an emergency IV since she had refused one, but the concept of the birth plan is what really got me thinking.”

He typed up his vasectomy plan and handed it to his physician. Check it out below:

Jeremy is not alone in his quest for the perfect vasectomy experience as numerous other men are typing up their own vasectomy plans. Some physicians are already noticing many vasectomies are ending up with crash general anesthesia with large scrotal scars, but it is probably just a coincidence at this time.

Other ideas that are propagating include vasectomy doulas, large infusions of vitamin C, underwater vasectomies with scuba gear, and dipping of the cut vas in essential oils and lathering it over your chest.


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