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Morning Break: Paying More for Same Care; Pharma’s Friend in D.C.; Vaccines for Sex

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Healthcare spending continued to increase through 2017 even though utilization flattened — meaning the country is “essentially paying more for the same amount of care,” according to Modern Healthcare.

The Guardian fingered Facebook as the major platform used by anti-vaccine activists to share and spread misinformation, quoting physicians who think the social media giant should do more to police users’ content.

But Facebook is also under fire for maybe doing too much to prevent suicides by users. (CNN)

Improper vaccine storage is jeopardizing public health across the country, according to an NBC News investigation.

Is gaming disorder a real addiction? You bet it is, writes Sina Safahieh, MD. (Kevin MD)

The FDA cited McKesson, the big drug distributor, for sloppy handling of some incidents in which opioids in its supply chain were tampered with.

Amidst all the criticism of Big Pharma in Washington, the industry has one friend on Capitol Hill — who might be moving into the White House in 2 years. (STAT)

Mylan is pricing its newly approved generic fluticasone/salmeterol inhaler for COPD and asthma at 70% below branded Advair. (Reuters)

Reports are circulating that health workers in the Democratic Republic of the Congo are demanding sexual favors from women in exchange for Ebola vaccination. (The Guardian)

Want to stimulate more “love hormone” in your relationship? Try playing board games or taking an art class with your significant other. (Baylor University, Journal of Marriage and Family)

An Oregon legislator wants the state to end non-medical vaccine exemptions for schoolkids, as a measles outbreak rages in neighboring Washington state. (KATU)

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