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A good night’s sleep and breakfast in bed for four | Brief letters


The front-page trail for your special supplement (9 February) says “The ultimate guide to a good night’s sleep” alongside a picture of a woman occupying the majority of the bed and the man on the edge. I’m not quite sure whether that shows that the woman is having the benefit of a good night’s sleep because she has most of the bed or that the man might benefit because he’s going to drop off quickly.
Stuart Waterworth
Tavistock, Devon

I see that all of your recipes for breakfasts in bed are for four people (Feast, 9 February). Am I the only Guardian reader who doesn’t sleep four in a bed?
Tina Whiteside
Twickenham, London

Re Laura Dodsworth’s photobook with portraits of 100 vulvas (What lies between, Weekend, 9 February), does nobody remember Near the Big Chakra? I thought that film was de rigueur for all of our wimmin’s groups in the 1970s (referenced by some of the contributors as the time when we got out plastic speculums and had a proper look at our own, and others’, for the first time in history).
Linda Swift
Goring Heath, Oxfordshire

Carol O’Halloran (How I spend it, 9 February) could save herself £1,336 per annum overnight by applying for a prescription prepayment certificate. It costs £104 and covers all her NHS prescription costs for a year. It’s available to anyone and effectively caps prescription charges.
Ray Woodhams
Cawthorne, South Yorkshire

Re your wordsearch on 8 February, 12 playwrights and dramatists there certainly are, comprised of 11 dead white males and one living white male. Yes, we clearly need to go on searching for the others.
Clare Lindsay
Anick, Northumberland

Is there a best obituary prize? I nominate Michael Coveney’s obituary of Albert Finney (9 February).
Nicholas Jacobs

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