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BP and Cognition; Brexit’s CVD Impact; Metabolism-Limiting Gut Cells

The SPRINT MIND study, although it missed its primary endpoint, still offered a glint of hope for preventing cognitive problems in older people through lower blood pressure targets.

Surprise! Eating fried foods on the regular was linked to mortality in a Women’s Health Initiative analysis reported in The BMJ.

England can expect thousands more deaths from heart disease and stroke because of the higher cost of fruit and vegetable imports after Brexit. (BMJ Open)

Sudden cardiac death was dramatically more common in African Americans relative to whites, especially among women, in a cohort study published in Circulation.

The FDA said that one potential source of the carcinogenic contaminants in recalled sartans is “reuse of materials, such as solvents.”

Last year’s recall of Roche’s Coaguchek XS PT Test Strips excluded batches made overseas that hadn’t been authorized for sale in the U.S. Now some of them are under Class I recall because a supplier imported them “from an unknown source,” according to the FDA.

Stryker is notifying affected customers about a needed firmware update for their Lifepak 15 monitors and defibrillators after several dozen devices locked up after delivering shocks. Six people have died because of the delay in therapy caused by this issue.

A survey found that almost all U.S. consumers do look at food labels when buying a product for the first time, and more than half supported a universal “healthy” symbol on healthy foods. (American Heart Association)

In most patients, one ablation procedure was sufficient for eliminating cardiac arrhythmias with use of the AcQMap cardiac imaging system, the UNCOVER-AF study showed.

Novel drug target in hypertrophic cardiomyopathy: a genetic mutation affecting a myosin-binding protein is responsible for the improper molecular braking machinery in most forms of this disease. (Science Translational Medicine)

Researchers reported on an energy-saving cellular pathway in the mouse gut that contributes to metabolic diseases. (Nature)