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Cat Poop and Schizophrenia; Cannabis for a 4-Year-Old

A parasite usually found in cat feces — Toxoplasma gondii — was linked to schizophrenia in a study of nearly 82,000 people. (Brain, Behavior, and Immunity)

After a stroke, women were twice as likely to experience severe or very severe depression compared with men at 20% versus 10%. (European Journal of Neurology)

Kids with depression or behavioral problems may be more inclined to play the recently popular choking game. Researchers wrote that “the underlying motivations of youth who engage in this activity should be reexamined.” (Pediatrics)

A California doctor has his license revoked after prescribing cannabis edibles to a 4-year-old with a “probable combination” of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder and bipolar disorder. (Newsweek)

OnabotulinumtoxinA — otherwise known as Botox — also showed a benefit on depression, anxiety, fatigue, and sleep quality when used as chronic migraine treatment. (Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery & Psychiatry)

A second phase I trial of the investigational adjunct schizophrenia treatment CTP-692 — a novel deuterium-modified form of D-serine — is underway, Concert Pharma announced.

Although olanzapine treatment had a slight benefit on helping those with anorexia gain weight, there didn’t seem to be any benefit for psychological symptoms. (American Journal of Psychiatry)

In related news, perfectionism was a trait more common among women with anorexia in a meta-analysis of over 3,500 people. (International Journal of Eating Disorders)