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iMedApps: Top Picks for iOS

Every week, new medical platforms and apps are added to app stores. To save you time, we’ve sorted through them to find the most exciting new ones. Here are this week’s top picks:

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is widely prescribed for depression, panic disorders, and anxiety. Quirk empowers CBT users by offering an easy-to-use template to challenge negative thoughts and retrain the brain. After downloading the app, one can record a thought, label it with multiple cognitive distortion tags, challenge the validity of the thought, and then create an alternative thought. Entries are saved by date within the app. This enables users to quickly reference recurring thoughts and share with providers. By cataloging thoughts, patterns can emerge and be more effectively treated. For those that code, the app is open source under the GPL.

There are currently no treatments for advanced dementia, but there are treatments that are effective in the early stage. To catch dementia when it is treatable, anyone can use this free Dementia Screening Test (DST). The DST tells users whether they are at risk, how severe the risk is, and how to proceed. The test features a series of questions, some with images, that can be completed in less than 15 minutes. Results are recorded within the app. The test can be repeated and results plotted on a graph to visualize changes or lack thereof. The DST works with all forms of dementia. The results-based commentary includes medically-validated advice on strengthening the brain in all stages of life. New research is also highlighted within the app.

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