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Fitness tips: how to overcome your workout fears


Before you go to the gym In anticipation of doing something that scares you, visualise the best-case outcome. Spend some time picturing yourself (looking through your own eyes) going through the whole activity – eg entering a gym, approaching a climbing wall, going to the top and then getting down again safely. Run through that positive representation a few times.

When fear kicks in Your internal voice may verbalise your worst fears, causing your body to freeze in panic (“I’m going to fall!”) First: breathe. This slows the heart rate and calms body and mind. Next, talk to that internal voice to reassure it. Address your fears and affirm your safety. Remind yourself what you can do: you are not that far off the ground; you can do this; you have done it before; many others have managed it, and you can, too. And remember, you wanted to do this activity for a reason, so switch your mind from fear to fun.

Everyday confidence Train your mind to support you. I start my day in bed imagining the day ahead going the best it could. Do this regularly and you will notice the difference.

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Source: TheGuardian