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Morning Break: School Lunch Shutdown? Hospital Rooms for Sale; ‘Rockabye (Big) Baby’

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Another potential victim of the government shutdown: The school lunch program. (CNN)

Last June, the World Health Organization declared Ebola “largely contained” in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. That was then — this is now. (Reuters)

Could a bacteria that causes gum disease also have a pivotal role in the development of Alzheimer’s disease? (BBC)

A blogger blames her paralysis on an infection contracted from a stray cat. (Fox News)

Medical tourists are returning home to the U.S. with superbugs. (The Washington Post)

Alcohol abuse overtook hepatitis C infection as the leading reason for liver transplantation. (ABC News)

Hospital rooms for sale on Amazon. (CNBC)

Alleging violation of a noncompete clause, a major player in the healthcare industry sued a former executive who jumped ship to join the Amazon/JPMorgan/Berkshire Hathaway healthcare partnership. (Fierce Pharma)

Benefits and precautions of outdoor exercise in the winter. (CNN)

“Rockabye baby” good for adult sleep, too. (BBC)

The “radical moral implications” of luck on the way a person’s life plays out. (Vox)

Used nasal tissues are being marketed for flu prevention — currently sold out. (Fox 8 Cleveland)

A cautionary note about a rare but potentially debilitating side effect of regular marijuana use. (BuzzFeed)

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