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Morning Break: Abortion Law Struck Down; ‘Fertility Fraud’; Dubious Ebola Record in Congo

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Iowa’s restrictive abortion ban, dubbed the “fetal heartbeat” law, was declared unconstitutional by a county judge. (CNN)

With passage of the Reproductive Health Act, New York has taken abortion out of the criminal code and expanded the pool of medical professionals who can perform the procedure. (Times Union)

A suspect has been nabbed in the case of a Phoenix woman who gave birth while in a vegetative state: a licensed nurse assigned to the woman’s care last year. (USA Today)

Because of the government shutdown, some federal workers are entering medical debt. (Time)

To the tune of $3.5 billion, investment in global health in 2017 was at its highest point since 2009. (BBC)

FDA approved use of the Fluzone Quadrivalent inactivated influenza vaccine for children as young as 6 months, manufacturer Sanofi Pasteur announced.

As the Indianapolis fertility doctor who sneakily used his own sperm to impregnate over 35 patients didn’t get any jail time, state lawmakers are now debating fertility fraud as a crime punishable by prison. (WIBC)

An Indiana school superintendent was charged with insurance fraud and other felonies after posing as a student’s mother in order to get the child treated for strep throat under her insurance. (The Republic)

After the shocking reports that two babies in China had been genetically altered using CRISPR, scientists are trying to figure out how to deal with under-the-radar geneticists. (New York Times)

Twins joined at the head are showing varying degrees of development almost 2 years after they were separated. (Reuters)

E-cigarette maker Juul reported a substantial increase in their lobbying efforts toward the end of last year. (NPR)

With 14 new confirmed Ebola, the Democratic Republic of Congo just recorded the largest one-day increase since the start of the latest outbreak. (Reuters)

Build a wall? No, insure children instead, Sonali Saluja, MD, MPH, writes in KevinMD.

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