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Morning Break: Birth Control Regs Blocked; Hospital $ ‘Fiasco’; Ginsburg Still Out

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A California judge blocked new contraception coverage rules from the Trump administration in 13 states and the District of Columbia set to go into effect today. The rules would let any employer refuse to provide such coverage by asserting “moral conviction.” (Reuters)

Hospitals are now posting prices for all their services, but “it’s turning into a fiasco.” (New York Times)

It’s not just New York City: Democratic leaders in California, Washington, and New Mexico are also rolling out proposals to “expand healthcare and make it more affordable.” (AP)

The Global Fund wants $14 billion in new funding to rejuvenate efforts to combat tuberculosis, AIDS, and especially malaria, seen as flagging.

President Trump claims that drug prices declined in 2018. Not true, says recent research uncovered by STAT.

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory severed its last ties with DNA pioneer James Watson, PhD, after he again asserted that blacks are inherently less intelligent than whites. (CNN)

One person is dead and more than a dozen people were hospitalized after a “mass drug overdose” in a California home, with fentanyl the suspected culprit. (CNN)

And the National Safety Council said Americans are now more likely to die from opioid overdoses than from car crashes.

A U.S. man who was suspected of having Ebola did not have the disease, a Nebraska medical center said. (NBC News)

Freezing eggs is becoming big business, with companies encouraging women to “protect themselves against infertility.” (CBS News)

Make a New Year’s resolution to have a new approach to treating obesity, one expert urges. (KevinMD)

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is expected to miss a second week of Supreme Court arguments. (CNBC)

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