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This $1,300 smart crib that rocks your baby to sleep is now available to rent

The Happiest Baby Snoo is a crib that soothes a baby to sleep with a push of the button. The bassinet uses sensors and artificial intelligence to respond to a baby’s cries. It rocks and plays white noise, adjusting the levels based on the volume of the crying. Parents can control it with an app that alerts them if their infant is inconsolable.

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The crib also straps the baby in with a specially designed swaddle, lowering the risk of sudden infant death syndrome.

It’s so effective at helping babies (and parents) get more sleep, that some companies even offer it as a benefit.

But for those that pay full price, it costs $1,295. The company is now renting it out for $4.90 a day, or close to $150 a month.

The crib is built for newborns and most outgrow it by the time they’re about six months old. The Snoo is the brainchild of Dr. Harvey Karp, a pediatrician. His book “Happiest Baby on the Block” has been a bestseller since 2002.