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Morning Break: ACA Still the Law; ‘Zika in Meth’ Stunt; Surgery Center Scandal

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The Affordable Care Act can remain in effect while a ruling striking it down is being appealed, the judge in the case said. (NPR)

Pea yogurt? Banana milk? Cassava flour? They may not be familiar to you now, but you’ll likely see more of these and other new food items this year. (The Washington Post)

What do dementia, falls, and cardiovascular disease have in common? The risk of getting them may all be increased by hearing loss. (The New York Times)

Arkansas’ new Medicaid work requirement is either greatly succeeding or failing miserably, depending on your political perspective: so far, 16,000 Arkansans have lost their Medicaid coverage as a result of the new rule. (Politico)

A resident physician who worked for several months last year at the Cleveland Clinic made anti-Semitic remarks on social media, including saying she would purposely give all Jews the wrong medications. The clinic confirmed she was no longer working there and that the remarks were inconsistent with its beliefs. (The Hill)

Lack of fluoridated water in Juneau, Alaska has led to more cavities among children there, researchers found. (Anchorage Daily News)

An American healthcare worker who treated Ebola patients in the Democratic Republic of Congo is being monitored in a Nebraska healthcare facility for possible infection; the person is not feeling ill or showing any symptoms. (NPR)

A police chief in Louisiana admitted that a departmental Facebook post asserting that the Zika virus had been found in some methamphetamine was a stunt to raise awareness of drug abuse. (New Orleans Advocate)

An Illinois woman has been charged with involuntary manslaughter for allegedly failing to help her daughter get treatment for her diabetes, and hiding the diagnosis. (WLOX)

Most Americans would approve of gene-editing babies for health reasons, a survey found. (New York Post)

The New Jersey surgery center that may have exposed thousands of patients to HIV and hepatitis had rusty equipment and soiled bed sheets, a report found. (NBC News)

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