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Fitness tips: 25-minute home workout


This can be done in between even the most awkward of family Christmas catch-ups. Repeat each move for 45 secs.

1 Glute bridges Lie on your back with feet hip-distance apart, knees bent. Move heels forward. Raise hips off the floor, keeping tailbone tucked, then slowly lower down.

2 Chair push-up Place a chair against a wall. Get into a push-up position, facing the chair, with hands on the seat. Draw belly in and tuck tailbone. Slowly lower chest towards the chair, keeping elbows close. Keep core tight and push back up.

3 Squat to chair Standing in front of a chair (facing away), take feet just over hip-distance apart, toes slightly turned out. Sit down while keeping chest upright and hips back. Push knees out wide as you stand.

4 Glute march Place a chair against a wall. Sit on the floor, allowing your shoulder blades to rest on edge of seat. Raise hips so they are in alignment with shoulders. Tuck tailbone and raise right foot off the floor, knee bent. Lower and repeat on the left side.

5 Wide-legged burpees Begin standing with feet just over hip-distance apart. Take hands to floor, jump feet back, wide, into a push-up position. Lower body to the floor. Push up, and jump the feet to the outsides of hands. Squeeze glutes to jump upwards. Land and repeat. Repeat circuit five times.


Source: TheGuardian