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Lucianne Walkowicz: Should We Be Using Mars As A Backup Planet?

Part 4 of the TED Radio Hour episode The Next Frontier.

About Lucianne Walkowicz’s TED Talk

Lucianne Walkowicz is all for space exploration, but says we shouldn’t expect Mars to save us from a damaged Earth. She warns us not to lose sight of preserving the home we already have.

About Lucianne Walkowicz

Lucianne Walkowicz is an astronomer at Chicago’s Adler Planetarium. She studies planet habitability and the ethics of Mars exploration.

From 2017-2018, she was the Chair of Astrobiology at the Library of Congress, where she worked on a project called “Fear of a Green Planet: Inclusive Systems of Thought for Human Exploration of Mars.”

She has been involved in several missions, including the Hubble Space Telescope and NASA’s Kelpler mission. She helps lead the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope, a project that will regularly photograph the entire night sky when completed.

Walkowicz is the founder and director of the LSSTC Data Science Fellowship Program and a TED Senior Fellow. She is also a multimedia artist. She received her PhD from the University of Washington.

Source: NPR